SFS Story

Established and headquartered in Singapore in 2006, SFS focuses on door-to-door transportation of temperature controlled clinical trials and frozen samples in the Asia Pacific region.

In 2009, SFS expanded to 14 network offices across with the focus on clinical trials transportation and frozen blood samples collection within the Asia Pacific region due to its diverse and complex regulatory compliance regulations.

In 2012, SFS invested in freezer, chiller and refrigerator including various vacuum insulated packaging to understand the complexity of establishing a closed loop reusable thermal packaging within Asia to reduce carbon footprint cost effective.

In 2014, with 2 years of experience, SFS successfully pioneered the close loop reusable vacuum insulated panels (VIP) using phase change material packaging solutions that has excellent thermal insulation properties and well suited to the hot climate in the Asia Pacific region and winter in some regions.

Presently, SFS rental close loop solutions in Asia Pacific offers customer access to quality transport solution at affordable rates without the need to worry about inventory management expenditure, costs of recovery, sterilization concerns and quality control checks before it is certified for reuse.

SFS continuously innovates and uses state of the art technology to maintain the integrity of the cold chain shipments that the company is transporting.

Your Pharmaceutical Transport Specialist



SFS is a standard operating procedure driven company that delivers a high level of consistent service across its validated network offices that is compliant to international and local standards for pharmaceutical transportation.

SFS is also audited and approved by many pharmaceutical companies for transportation of clinical trials protocol studies, central lab logistics, comparator drugs, lab shift, IVF and bulk drug.

ISO 9001:2008

SFS is proud to achieve ISO 9001:2008 certification and comply with international standards across its network offices.

Pre-Documentation Check

SFS adheres strictly to pre-checks of shipping documents at both origin and destination to ensure hassle free delivery.

Security and Safety

Regulated Cargo Agents Regime and AEO Security certification ensures shipments entrusted to SFS complies to international safety and security standards .

Our Locations

Headquartered in Singapore, SFS validated and multi-lingual own network offices across Asia Pacific makes it easier for you to ship your temperature controlled shipments with us.

SFS Pharma Logistics (Singapore HQ)
Changi Airfreight Centre,
115 Airport Cargo Road, Cargo Agents Building C,
Unit #08 - 11/12. Singapore 819466
Tel: +65 63488887 Fax: +65 63487838

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